Holistic Resonance or Sound Healing can take a number of forms. I work with Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and light instruments, like wind chimes and Sansula. The primary aim of Holistic Resonance is to place the body into a relaxed and self-rejuvenating or healing state. The sacred sound instruments, through skillful application and clear intention of the practitioner and you, allow a deep release of tension and stress on psychological & physical levels. They also provide an opportunity to better connect to the deeper resonant aspect of your essential nature. 

"This was my first resonance sound session with Rowan. from the moment Rowan opened the door and greeted us warmly you know you are in good hands. The space Rowan has created is warm, light, inviting and very comfortable especially the beds. The gong bath was amazing, deeply relaxing, intuitive and somewhat transformative for both me and my mum. This was my mum's first ever meditation of any kind she did not know what to expect but after bathing in the healing frequencies of the gong she came away a different woman who had experienced release, real relaxation and an OBE. Rowan is a great facilitator and teacher who knows his stuff. The after session care is brilliant and he will spend the time with you discussing your session and is always available by phone or text to discuss further when you get home if needed. You definitely know your looked after before, during and after. Best £40 pound I've ever spent. Thankyou Rowan".


One to One Sound Therapy with Rowan


What’s on offer?

  • Surround Sound Himalayan Singing Bowl immersions £40 per session#


  • Himalayan Singing Bowl Sonic body massage (fully clothed) £40 per session


  • Two people, for the price of one, Gong Immersion £40 per session. Treat a friend or loved one.


  • Surround Sound Bowl immersion & Gong chorus £60 per session 


  • 30 minute Gong therapy, sat directly behind the Gong £20 per session 



 Singing Bowl Meditation Short Course:


This course will be held over three Friday evenings 7 til 9pm each Friday.

The offering includes


  • Guided meditations

  • Meditation terms of practice

  • Simple Pranayama practices

  • Prana Flow meditations

  • How to sit with the Singing Bowl for meditation

  • Three distinct Singing Bowl meditation practices

  • Introductory use of the Singing Bowl for others

  • Course Manual

  • Lifetime access to Mp3 guided practices 

Over the 3 week course, allowing time to practice what you learn each week, you will deepen your meditation practice, expand your knowledge and benefit from the holistic resonance of Singing Bowls. No previous experience is necessary to enjoy this short course. All of the bowls for each evenings practice will be provided and there will be opportunity to purchase your own, quality, singing bowl to take away, however, please feel free to bring your own if you already have one.

What do you need to bring? If you use a meditation cushion then please bring this with you along with you favourite shawl or blanket. There are plenty of chairs if you prefer but you still might want to bring a shawl.

The energy exchange for this Natural State Offering is £75, paid in full on booking. Early bird: £65 if booked, in full, a week before the start date. So come and join me for a short course in healing vibrations and restorative meditation.

Booking is essential, and by direct bank transfer, as spaces are limited. 

"I’d been interested in singing bowls and sound healing for some time before I contacted Rowan. His singing bowl meditation course came at a time when I’d come back to my meditation practice and the singing bowls offered an alternative point of focus for my chatty and distracted mind. I learned three meditation practices and I’ve incorporated circle playing into my meditation practice. I also use this technique – amongst others - to close my yoga classes.

I did this course one to one with Rowan, which worked well for me. It provided an opportunity to explore the issues arising from my meditation practice and explore sound resonance in some detail. I felt supported in this process and I trusted Rowan to guide me. Some of the issues that have and continue to emerge as part of my meditation practice relate to what can be perceived as negative emotions (sadness, grief and anger which manifest as sleeplessness and low mood) which, given the circumstances, are entirely appropriate.


The sessions with Rowan, thanks to his gentle guidance, helped me sit with – rather than shy away from - what arose. For this I will be forever grateful". Pat

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