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Namaste to those reading these words. If you are, then you have been looking for a way of learning meditation and experiencing the benefits you have probably heard about, a calmer, less stressful life or way of being, so let's see if you have found the right 'teacher' for you.

​I am a compassionate being with a love for life as it unfolds, moment to moment. I am a father of three children, now all in their twenties, and a proud grandfather of one grandson, peace & blessings on him. My wife and I moved to Cumbria five years ago having spent our honeymoon here and fallen for its natural beauty and welcoming communities. As a head of year and learning mentor at a local secondary school, I have the privilege of working with young people, helping them to realise their potential and develop their social-emotional and mental resilience, in some cases using mindfulness based mentoring.


I am a registered mindfulness meditation practitioner and certified transformation meditation teacher. I have been practicing yoga & meditation for nearly two decades and in the past five years I have professionalised my experience in order that I could share the benefits of my own established practice with others. Indeed, meditation and yoga are life changing practices which have significantly contributed to my own life’s transformation, and continue to illuminate its unfolding day by day.

I am a teacher in the traditional sense in terms of qualifications, BA (HONS), MA, QTLS/DipTLLS but more importantly, I am a teacher in the sense that I am able to share, quite naturally, my own experience with others regardless of their background. Actually, teaching has been my natural expression in life, as I have been teaching one thing or another since the age of 14. In truth, my teaching comes from the heart and from a love of sharing that which is both, life affirming and transforming to all. I teach meditation because I know the benefits it brings for its practitioners and because I feel that more people would practise, if they are given good instruction and a system which bares immediate fruits.  

Come to my drop in session, give me a call or email me but do get in touch if you have some interest in meditation and would like to know more. Om Shanti (Universal Peace)


Meditation is simply the mirror in which the timeless perceives it's imageless perfection”

Sri Mooji Baba

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